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Adrienne graduated in Amsterdam in 1982, worked successively in a rehabilitation clinic, at the AMC hospital in Amsterdam (former WG) and led a medium-sized regular practice in the Ronde Venen until 2007.

She treated thousands of patients with disorders related to the musculoskeletal system over the course of 30 years. Fibromyalgia was of particular interest to her, but headaches, anxiety disorders and breathing therapy were also addressed at the root of the problem, often with excellent results.

Adrienne now works in Weert at Complimed treatment center, a center for integrated health care located in a health center. This place is excellent for me because new developments in health care are developed and researched here.I work closely with several laboratories including Pro Health in Weert.

Adrienne has been a functional medicine physician for 10 years. Because of her broad clinical experience, she does a lot of specific laboratory testing to arrive at proper diagnostics. As a specialization she has: gastrointestinal disorders, digestive problems , fibromyalgia, adrenal exhaustion( burn out), CFS food allergy, pro aging and and hyperventilation/anxiety disorders. She also does not hesitate to have a good conversation with you.

She usually treats with a combined approach from her arsenal of therapies and focuses primarily on chronic problems of various kinds. She regularly attends continuing education, both regular and complementary. She loves to puzzle out difficult-to-diagnose symptoms and explain why they arise. You should never look at a complaint as an isolated thing, but see it in the bigger picture and understand that there can be a connection. All the processes in the body must work together, we must restore balance and look at the underlying causes. Often a complex of jammers is the basis of the problem. Nutrition is an important part of this and in our practice we work a lot with it. Even though people think they are eating healthy, all kinds of symptoms can occur. This can be the impetus for degenerative diseases as well as obesity. We see more and more people with hypersensitivities to certain foods and or ingredients which you can only discover through targeted laboratory testing.

Our practice specializes in laboratory tests ( hormones, fatty acids, vitamins minerals intestinal function food intolerances etc) according to the best diagnostic methods.

By looking beyond your most glaring complaints and symptoms and delve into biochemical processes.

Human physiology is a complex system In the vast majority of chronic diseases that are the leading causes of death in our society, they are characterized by widespread dysfunction in numerous systems of the body.

It is almost NEVER just the gut, or just the heart, or just the beta-amyloid plaques, or just the cholesterol, or just the inflammation, or just the neurotransmitters, or just the thyroid hormones, etc …

The human mind and body are intelligently designed to thrive, but when the total body burden of toxins/damage exceeds the ability to correct and rebuild, disease occurs.

When you do the things that create health, you create balance and better function through all the different body systems, ultimately optimizing the body’s ability to reverse disease on its own.

By understanding your own journey; looking at your genetic sensitivity, environmental exposure, emotional well-being and biochemical imbalance, you will begin to unravel the cause(s) and mediators of your poor health.

Consider me your health detective, my goal is to help your body heal and thrive so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Adrienne’s passions are her craft, cooking, modern design, gardening, her dog and cats, South Africa and Spain. She lives with her partner Wim in a nice quiet rural area near Weert.

In Weert, she usually gets people from all over the Benelux who are more or less stuck in the regular circuit. Her positive attitude and the experience of many years gives that she is eager to work with you to achieve optimal health.

Adrienne is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the MBOG, and the BBOG.

The best doctor is nature: she cures three-quarters of diseases
and never says anything bad about her colleagues.

– Louis Pasteur
French scientist 1822-1895


Specializing in adrenal exhaustion, intestinal problems (SIBO), allergy and intolerances to food, exorphin ( ADHD/ADD), headaches, fibromyalgia, leaky gut, among others

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