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young beautiful Asian Chinese woman in protective face mask in prevention against Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic outbreak in China in virus transmission and infection concept

There is no vaccine against the Corona virus yet, but a vaccine is being worked on very hard, and reports report that a vaccine is in development via Antibody extraction from those who have become immune.

Until then, you can take some precautionary measures.

The elderly with lung problems such as COPD are particularly vulnerable. In addition, diabetics and people on ACE inhibitors (blood pressure lowering drugs) are among the highest risk group.

Ramipril , Losartan , Lisinopril , CandesartanHypothesis based on Research by Dr Michael Roth ( University of Basel)

The mortality of COVID-19 is an estimated 1%

editorial published February the 28th in the New England Journal of Medicine by Anthony Fauci MD , Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Viruses act as intracellular parasites: HCoVs exploit host cells for their own replication

Our immune response is entirely dependent in viral attacks on recognition of viral components, whereby control of the immune system on NK – Cells and the differentiation of T-lymphocytes is essential. NF-KB activation during viral infection was reduced by
intracellular glutathione

Vitamin C
Appears to reduce incidence of pneumonia, suggesting vitamin C may prevent lower respiratory tract sensitivity

SARS-CoV-2 has been reported to cause lower respiratory tract
respiratory infection, so vitamin C is one of the effective ones
choices for the treatment of COVID-19

Liposomal forms are more bioavailable without
cause gastrointestinal complications

If you want to know more about how to defend against a viral attack please contact us. There is also the possibility of testing for Corona virus for patients undergoing treatment with us starting next week. The tests are recognized within our healthcare system. Thus, we do not sell tests!

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