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There are several disease states related to weak detoxification (detoxification). These include autoimmune diseases, skin disorders, allergies and asthma, fibromyalgia, intestinal inflammation, endocrinological disorders, fertility problems, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, CFS, hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivity syndrome, arteriosclerosis and autism.

Because of air pollution ( Ruhr area , airplanes , etc) we live 3 years shorter. And in addition, 90% of heavy metals come in through food.Neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s/Dementia/Parkinson’s have a link to heavy metals. Mercury negatively affects the hormonal and immune systems. Mercury damages T cells. This causes mitochondrial damage with loss of membrane stability.

Also “vague” complaints such as fatigue, discomfort, muscle aches, headaches, hypersensitivity to coffee, alcohol, perfume, smoke and gasoline. Little ability to resist stress or intense physical activity and sleep disturbances may also indicate weak detoxification capacity.

Limit toxins as much as possible. Consider external toxins such as e-numbers, fragrances, colors and flavors, medications, supplementation, personal care products, baking and frying by-products, packaging and caffeine and alcohol. Reduce stress if possible. Strengthen intestinal barrier with essential sugars and microbiotics.

Support the liver in its detox phases, stimulate the bile ducts and improve urinary pH.

Some people are the modern day canary squeaks as used to be used in mines. These people cannot transform foreign substances, as well as substances of the body, into harmless products, which are excreted at a rapid rate. In the past, when the environment did not contain many compounds that are difficult to break down, these people did not suffer much.
Today, they are presumably the victims of so-called “modern diseases,” the existence of which is still eagerly denied.
The theory may be that the burden from the environment is so great that it gives all kinds of pathologies, which more or less concern the entire organism and with which mainstream medicine has little experience.
The combination of difficult to degrade, accumulating, fat-soluble, burdening the detoxification system and neurotoxic creates all the conditions for this. These symptom patterns often have both an organic and a psychological component.
After phase 1-must have sufficient antioxidants present ( vit C selenium zinc etc ). During phase 2 reactions, everything is made water soluble. These reactions also require nutrients.
Pathological detoxification. In this situation, phase 1 responses are more active than phase 2 responses. As a result, the toxic ( poisonous) particles accumulate, with all the adverse consequences. This problem often manifests as a hypersensitivity to such things as paint and perfume fumes, to medications and sometimes to caffeine. This problem can be overcome using natural substances.
9 tips for detoxing:

1. Eat plenty of ( green) vegetables (think broccoli sprouts too) and fruits
2. Ensure healthy gut (gut environment)
3. Drink plenty of (spring) water
4. Use herbs such as lavender, garlic, sage, oregano and rosemary
5. Use tailored supplements and be well educated about them
6. Move, sweat and increase your heart rate.
7. Go to the sauna
8. Go into the sun in night light is necessary to detox
9. Eat plenty of sulfur-rich foods such as onion, garlic and egg

Other tips:

  • Take off work clothes immediately upon returning home
  • Vacuuming regularly
  • Avoid products containing phthalates, parabens
  • Avoid air fresheners (pdichlorobenzene)
  • Bathing and showering with window open plus ventilation
  • Remove plastic from clothing from dry cleaners and let hang in garage Because of perchloroethylene
  • Avoid strong cleaning substances; baking soda, borax and vinegar are good enough Keep chemicals away from hot pipes.
  • Use an exhaust hood
  • No plastic in microwave (better throw away microwave)
  • No plastic to store/transport food in
  • Remove top layer of cheese
  • Remove outer edges of vegetables
  • Remove fat and skin from meat
  • Avoid predatory fish such as tuna, and shark fin soup, mussels, shrimp
  • Eat organic food as much as possible
  • Avoid canned foods coated with plastic (bisphenolA)


Investigations of Complimed

After the intake interview, I recommend a number of examinations. With the results of the examinations, I can create a personalized treatment protocol for you.

Most contaminants are not broken down without sunlight! So get outside regularly. The sun is cast in a bad light but it is necessary to come into the sunlight. Just don’t put sunscreen on your skin with all kinds of parabens, these are toxic and full of metals. Remember those glitters in creams are aluminum particles that oiv sunlight are so absorbed by the skin. So that had to be banned that garbage!


What to do?

High-fiber diet (if tolerant)
Organic food Low-fat meat (doesn’t actually exist: arachidonic acid!)
Fish (controlled cultivation)
Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts (PHASE 2)
Movement to the point of sweating and panting:
“blood, sweat and tears”

Sauna: PCB decreases by 42% in blood and 30% in adipose tissue Cave: pregnant, children, heart weakness, epilepsy

Losing weight involves mobilization of toxins promote excretion, it is wise to do this under supervision. Support of the intestinal mucosa and intestinal flora is essential in this regard

Chlorella is able to bind to toxic substances to help detoxify the intestines. Be careful which brand you choose, we only use sunchlorella.

Investigations of Complimed

Measuring heavy metals: Everyone who receives an intake at Complimed is preferably tested for this via the oligoscan. Hair and blood analysis is also available.

About Complimed

After the intake interview, I recommend a number of examinations. With the results of the examinations and anamnesis, I can create a personalized treatment protocol for you. I take into account the detox capabilities of each patient individually.

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