Allergy treatment

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There is no such thing as a healthy diet! In fact, it depends on whether your body can stand it and is not intolerant to those foods. An intolerance to certain foods causes the immune system to become dysregulated. Testing whether or not you tolerate certain foods gives you clarity. By (temporarily) avoiding these foods, symptoms disappear and do not recur. Fatigue headaches/migraines, reflux symptoms, and many other complaints are often related to this without us knowing it. So gluten can really be poison for some people, but my advice is to test that properly first otherwise you may be leaving out too many foods which may be unnecessary. I often see people who are very deficient because they have started eating too one-sidedly. By avoiding intolerances, diabetic patients suddenly snap up. Excess weight disappears and overweight people gain weight.Foods play a major role in chronic symptoms.

In our lifetime, we work away about 50 tons of food. That’s about 50 elephants!

60% of all patients have a food allergy and this seems to be getting worse. The allergy clinics have long waiting lists. Many of my patients have been there before. It usually didn’t result in much except that they either had to learn to live with it. Or you were given medication to suppress the immune system which certainly does not solve the cause. Consider corticosteroids.

The classical antibody test, the regular way of testing such as the RAST test and immune IgE tests have limited value and are completely inferior to a test for food hypersensitivity that we use ( imupro).

Intolerance to food produces a reaction from the immune system. Think of that immune system for a moment as an army of soldiers whose leadership has run away. The soldiers panic and shoot at “everything. An inflammatory and often increased histamine reaction occurs. This is the basis of many chronic (allergic) complaints.

  1. Imupro intolerance test

With intolerances, specific defenses are made in the body against certain allergens in the food. The antibodies that are formed are called immunoglobulins or IgG.The demonstration of high concentrations of IgG antibodies indicates that there is regular contact between food and the cells of the immune system. Antibodies bind to the food antigens and thus mark themselves as foreign to the body under formation of an immune complex. The immune complex is then processed through descending inflammatory processes. These processes take place continuously and are the cause of a multitude of chronic diseases.

An immunological reaction will not occur immediately the first time one eats the food to which one is allergic.

Only after some time and multiple contacts with the allergen in question does the immune system produce antibodies or immunoglobulins against that allergen, often still without noticeable symptoms. However, with repetitions, the immune system will recognize the allergen as an “offender” and an allergic reaction follows. Only then do complaints become noticeable. It is impossible to tell in advance what symptoms one will get, it is individually determined.

  • Indications for testing:
  • intestinal problems: all intestinal problems cramps, bloating
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, malabsorption syndrome,intestinal inflammation:
  • ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease (IBS) lactose intolerance, fructose
  • intoleranceChronic fatigue syndrome, ME, M
  • Neurological complaints such as hyperactivity (ADHD, ADD), concentration problems, epilepsy,
  • Skin complaints: eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, lupus
  • Respiratory complaints: asthma, sinus complaints, sneezing, coughing, wheezing
  • Psychological complaints; depression autism
  • Migraines, headaches, fatigue, vertigo
  • Inflammation: inflammation, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism
  • Self-perpetuating inflammatory processes lead to the release of inflammatory mediators. An important role in this plays the tumor necrosis factor, TNF-a. The natural function of TNF-a is to limit, at the onset of tumors, the energy supply of derailed cells
  • Autoimmune disease: diabetes, rheumatism, thyroid hashimoto
  • Disorders of fine motor skills, tics, epilepsy
  • Overweight (in children), adiposityOver binding to insulin receptors prevents the transport of blood sugar into cells. High concentrations of TNF-a then leads to the development of insulin resistance, thus promoting adiposity.

Can food allergy type IgG pass?

The immune system will always remain alert for determinate foods. However, by avoiding them for some time, depending on the severity of the reaction, one can usually reintroduce the food over time.

Can I do this myself?

It is highly inadvisable to experiment on your own. In our experience, people start to keep certain foods out of the diet and eat far too one-sided foods. There is then a danger of becoming deficient in certain nutrients and weakening. Or the one-sided diet may cause another allergy to foods that one then eats (too) frequently.
After all, many people have a more or less leaky gut (leaky gut) that must first be repaired with a gut protocol. This is what Complimed specializes in.

How is testing done?
The imupro is a blood test.
But beware there are many tests type igG in circulation that are not recommended. It only confuses you further because far too many positive results are found. Imupro is a good test, though.

What can I expect when I come to Complimed?

You will first receive a questionnaire which you fill in and return by mail immediately followed by an intake interview in which I will prepare you for a specific medical history.

Right that same day, you will be tested, which is usually by blood.

After about 3 weeks I will have the results and you will come back and the results will be discussed with you and an initial start of treatment with specific advice on nutrition.Once the foods responsible for this have been determined by the ImuPro 300, the patient can begin to adjust their diet. A comprehensive report determined from the laboratory examination will give you guidance.

Depending on how severe your symptoms are, you will then follow several more sessions spread over several months to a year. It all depends on your complaint and whether multiple organs are involved.

You will find that you usually start to feel better very soon.

Which foods are being tested?

The various foods, e.g. vegetables, grains, dairy, fruits,herbs, nuts, meat, fish etc are all listed separately. You will also find the result of each value on a summary.

What to expect?
improved health
improvement-fading fatigue
improvement-disappearance of intestinal problems
improvement-dissipation of migraines
improvement of rheumatic symptoms
improvement-disappearance of skin problems
improvement in diabetes

And with children?

1 in 10 babies already appears to have neurodermatitis or a food intolerance often induced by inhalation, so a pollen reaction which is often also associated with a hypersensitivity to wheat. Soy and peanut sensitivity are also increasing in children. I ask my patients to take their gut flora seriously in pregnancy. Through the influence of good bacteria and the avoidance of substances to which the mother is not resistant, much has already been gained. Getting enough minerals and vitamins is, of course, a must. As well as a good fish oil.

  1. Histamine Intolerance Test
    Method for measuring the histamine-degrading enzyme diamine oxidase.
    Histamine is indispensable to the human body because it performs many vital functions. It is produced by the body but also absorbed in variable amounts with the diet. Problems arise only in the case of excessive (excessive) concentrations of histamine or undegraded histamine. In these cases, the histamine will lead to allergic and pseudoallergic reactions.

Allergy treatment

After the intake interview, I recommend a number of examinations. With the results of the examinations, I can create a personalized treatment protocol for you.

About Complimed

We work only with physician-validated tests. Thus, this is not an alternative testing method. However, these tests are not (yet) regularly done by GP or dermatologist

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