Examples of treatments by Complimed


Intestinal therapy for intestinal problems

Bowel Therapy

Health hinges on good gut function! Gastrointestinal tract treatment is basically recommended for anyone with a chronic condition. Through targeted colon therapy, people regain clarity of mind and energy.


Hormonal therapy

Hormone therapy: balancing hormones is
essential to function properly. Both the
sex hormones like the sleep hormone melatonin, the
hormone action of thyroid (T4,T3)and adrenal( including cortisol) in a
Getting optimal quantity is our daily work. Complaints like PMS,
not being fertile ( male and female) PCOS, and menopause symptoms
are treated as well as stress-related complaints such as burn out and adrenal exhaustion


Allergy treatment

Allergy treatment

This is one of our specialties. Many people have already been tested for direct allergy, they know they can’t stand tree pollen, house dust or cat hair. Common is a peanut allergy. Despite knowing this, complaints persist. This is often the cause of a food hypersensitivity type IgG.

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Histamine intolerance treatment

Histamine treatment: a large proportion of people with histamine intolerance are middle-aged. This is because histamine intolerance is often recognized late.

About one percent of the western population suffers from histamine intolerance.

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Adrenal exhaustion

Adrenal exhaustion is one of our specialties. Nutritional deficiencies, happiness hormone deficiencies and chronic stress trigger deficiencies in the hormonal system. Treatment includes deficit balancing and hormone balancing. Of course, this includes targeted nutritional advice. Typically, fatigue is especially in the morning, leading people to call themselves not a morning person,but a slow starter.


Balancing deficiencies in essential nutrients

Knowing what to eat and what not to eat is individually determined. Some people benefit from paleo others not at all. Some very sensitive patients need to follow totally different advice that the strong digesters. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables is also not advice that applies to everyone. Fruit sugars (frucose) and lactose ( milk sugars) can then cause massive gas build-up (SIBO). Deficiencies are made up until optimal nutritional status is achieved. That this will make you feel better is obvious.


Balancing neurotransmitters

Brain contains billions of nerve cells These cells communicate with each other via so-called neurotransmitters. In memory functions and anxiety, the body consumes a lot of neurotransmitters. There are several causes that can lead to disruption in neurotransmission. Consider hormonal imbalance, dysregulated intestines, improper nutrition( exorphin), neuro degenerative processes( Alzheimer’s/ Parkinnson) and influences from environmental disruptors( pesticides, estrogens)


Overweight support

Eating less and exercising more does not help everyone. There may be other issues involved such as insulin resistance, a thyroid problem, nutritional deficiencies ( yes right you read it right) intolerances to certain foods, hormonal problems and stress. Complimed looks at what is the right way for you to lose weight and uses the Prolon method (fasting mimicking diet) a scientific method developed by Doctor Valter Longo.