Signing up for treatment

What to expect?
And what do I expect from you?

As a first step, you make an appointment with me. The best and fastest way to do this is by e-mail.

As soon as the date is fixed I will send you an intake questionnaire. I am then well prepared for your arrival. The more honestly and accurately you fill out the questionnaire, the more focused my work can be.

So you do that before your first appointment.

I never treat patients who do not physically visit the first time. I do often get that question of whether I treat remotely, but I never do. You really need to visit yourself. Many patients come from far away. It is up to you whether you are willing to put that in. You may bring a confidant or partner to the consultation.

It is also desirable to attend the second consultation in person. In it, all results will be discussed with you and a treatment strategy explained.

Therefore, the first consultation is a comprehensive one (about an hour and a half) in which we discuss the following issues:

  • Your current complaints and history
  • your current eating habits
  • my nutrition and lifestyle advice, and a plan of action
  • I work with you to determine which tests make sense and discuss roughly the cost of them, which you pay directly to the appropriate lab. I am merely a referrer in this. The results will come to me as your practitioner.
  • Often I already supplement minor nutritional deficiencies and also sometimes give some supplementation to start the healing process.
  • The cost of my time (preparation, consultation and elaboration see is included.

I do like to mention here that your motivation is very important for a positive result. I will provide you with good tools, but the key is to help yourself. Thus, modified diet may be necessary, but general lifestyle may also need some changes….

For the first two consultations, but especially the first consultation (the intake consultation), it is important that you come to the practice in Weert. Follow-up consultations, if you wish, can be by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

You can cancel an already made appointment without charge, provided you cancel it by email or phone at least 48 hours in advance.


Intake form

Below you can download our intake form. I am then well prepared for your arrival. Your privacy is, of course, guaranteed by our medical confidentiality.


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