Rates Complimed

Consultations are usually reimbursed in whole or in part from supplementary insurance, depending on the package you have chosen. For fees see also this link:
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Our rates

Rates Complimed as of January 1, 2023 (including VAT)

Intake consultation ( count on approx 1.5 hours) – €190.00 (Includes all preparation and elaboration)

1st follow-up consultation – € 140.00 per hour. Keep in mind that discussing test results often takes more time than 1 hour. Most patients require 1.5 hours.

No advice or test results are ever given by email! All test results are always discussed with you personally and professionally first.

Follow-up consultations 140 euros per hour.

short consultation ( e.g. telephone or email) according to time + elaboration

Telephone consultations are also charged. From the second consultation you can work by video call, the first introductory meeting is always in Weert.

You should check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible for reimbursement. This depends on your agreement (package) what you have agreed with your insurance company. See also



Laboratory tests and supplements are never covered by your insurance. We will discuss with you in the intake consultation what tests are useful for you. I can then give you an estimate of the cost that you will pay directly to the lab in question. You are responsible for your own payment.

The above rate applies to both direct time and indirect time. The
time is the time that you as a patient are present with us, you talk to us on the phone or we answer your email.
time is the time we spend on :
reading through your file, reading in preparation for a consultation, going through the questionnaire and possibly other examinations or tests, making an evaluation of a consultation, making a personal recommendation, looking up and finding the right resources, sending orders, etc. You are not usually present but this forms a large part of my daily time. So this is woven into the consultation fee.

There is no time between consultations to answer your questions via email or to send results in advance.

For urgent matters, please ask by mail for a brief telephone consultation. For telephone and email consultations , there are generally still preparation and elaboration fees.

For short non-substantive questions, it is best to email me and not call me while I am working. Should you wish to speak to me yourself you can email me for a call appointment. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Phone consultations are by 15 minutes and email contact by 5 minutes.

Appointments if cancelled at least 48 hours in advance by mail or phone will not be charged.

Also, out of respect to other patients, would you please consider this? Should you be physically unable to attend for any reason, such as being in corona, you can use the reserved time in that place for a video consultation.


I will send you an invoice after which you can pay the amount, or you can pay in cash.

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