Sibo test

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I don’t do Sibo testing or send you a Sibo test before a consultation. The test itself is not expensive ( between 65-100 euros) but depends on that choice I advise you.

If you want to be tested for SIBO make an appointment first.

Bacterial overgrowth produces excess amounts of hydrogen and/or methane gas. These gases are not produced by humans, but are the byproducts of fermentation of carbohydrates by gut bacteria. This leads to a myriad of symptoms, such as extreme gas, bloating and altered stool patterns.

Delayed bowel movements (intestinal contractions of the small intestine) result from a bacterial accumulation in the small intestine. Underlying causes of delayed contractions can include anti-inflammatories, surgery, but stress can also be a cause. Other causes of bacterial overgrowth can include: a lack of stomach acid (stomach acid kills bacteria, a lack of stomach acid can cause food in the stomach to ferment which in turn is food for bacteria).

With SIBO, nutrient absorption can be a problem and particularly the nutrients, manganese, zinc and B12 and iron. Because fat digestion is impaired, fatty and floating stools are also a common problem in SIBO patients. This can lead to a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K2, as well as a deficiency of fatty acids, such as omega 3 (DHA).

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To measure is to know

The test to know if you have SIBO is a breath test, it measures these gases and is therefore an indirect test; however, it specifies which gases are present, as well as the location and severity of the SIBO. This information is often essential for treatment and assessment of prognosis. If the glucose test is negative, a lactulose test is still needed to test for distal SIBO. The purpose of the test is to obtain a clear reaction to the test solution due to the presence of fermentable foods. Antibiotics should not be used for at least 2 weeks prior to an initial test, although some sources recommend 4 weeks. If a patient is on continuous antibiotics and SIBO is suspected, the first breath test can be performed without stopping antibiotics.


What can Complimed do for you?

We make sure you get the right test and treat you for SIBO by combining targeted nutritional advice with the right drugs to get movement back into the gut and kill off the gas-forming bacteria with antibiotics. In addition, it is wise to omit foods to which you react incorrectly. That, too, is being tested. Then the gut is rebuilt with a targeted gut protocol and any deficiencies replenished. You will feel a lot better.

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