Lyme research


Lyme disease

In this, Complimed cooperates with a laboratory which operates both in Germany and in the Netherlands. If you still have the tick always send it in for examination, we can then test if the tick is infected.

Examination for Lyme infection has been and remains one of the difficult points in current diagnostics.

Blood tests for Lyme/Borrelia

The Laboratory collaborates with several international laboratories to provide reliable diagnostics for the Borrelia bacteria. To test Borrelia, you have several choice options:

. A highly sensitive test to diagnose Lyme. This examination can be used relatively quickly after a tick bite. A quick, reliable and relatively inexpensive Lyme disease test. Cost: €70 (excluding medical processing fee and VAT). The infection must then be fairly recent.


. The LTT Lyme test is currently one of the most reliable Lyme disease test and is a very good follow-up step if the serological test (ELISA/Blot) is negative. The MELISA LTT has been internationally validated and 14 studies have already been published on the use of MELISA LTT in Borrelia infections. Thus, this examination can be used in the event of a previous negative result or to monitor treatment. Also, this is an examination that can be used if the symptoms have been going on for some time. The MELISA Borrelia test is performed in Germany by a certified partner laboratory.


Please note that according to Dutch law, a blood test should always be done in cooperation with your practitioner. Keep in mind that you must always come for an intake consultation before I can use this type of testing.

Antibiotics may affect test results; one should be free of antibiotics and immunosuppression for 2-3 months.

There are several blood tests available for Lyme disease.

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