Hormone Analysis

35333701 – group of multiethnic hands holding hormones

Some of the hormone analyses we often do:

  • Adrenal gland ; cortisol daily profile from saliva
  • Thyroid ( T3, T4, TSH, RT3 RT4, Anti TPO, Thyrioglobulin)
  • Neurotransmitters: neurospot ( nor-+adrenaline, serotonin, cortisol DHEA)
  • Melatonin ( sleep hormone)
  • Estrogen metabolites ( test to see if they are properly broken down by the liver)
  • Female hormones ( progesterone, estrogen testosterone)
  • Dutch test hormones, very comprehensive research combining sex and adrenal hormones.Proper hormone function is vital to health and hormonal imbalance can affect conditions from depression to infertility. Hormones regulate key processes such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, sexual function and adrenal function. So a properly functioning body and well-balanced hormones go hand in hand.- Convenient patient collection – 4 simple dried urine samples- Total stress hormone evaluation – test daily (daily) free cortisol patterns and cortisol metabolites

    – A more complete clinical picture – test hormones measured in saliva or blood samples, as well as estrogen and androgen metabolites

    – The dried urine sample gives a very stable picture instead of a snapshot

    – Advanced testing method – combined GC-MS / MS and LC-MS / MS tests ensure highest analyte accuracy

  • Male hormones
  • Pregnancy (HCG, progesterone, estradiol)
  • DHEA

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