Element analysis

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The OligoScan

The Oligoscan provides a quick and easy way to determine the levels of minerals, trace elements and toxic, heavy metals.

All physiological processes in the body, such as energy production, immunity, hormonal regulation, detoxification and absorption of nutrients depend in part on minerals, trace elements, vitamins, essential proteins and fatty acids.

Deficiencies of one or more of these nutrients due to inadequate supply, reduced absorption or increased consumption due to oxidative stress from metal loads increases the risk of disease.

Conversely, it can be argued, an optimal supply of nutrients will contribute to health. For a long time, it was labor-intensive and very costly to determine nutrient deficiencies or chronic loads of toxic metals.


How it works

The OligoScan measures the availability of minerals and trace elements at the cellular level. In addition, this scan determines the degree of toxic metal loading. The concentration of minerals, trace elements and toxic metals provide much information about health.


Heavy metal load usually comes from the mouth


The OligoScan works by spectrophotometry. Spectrophotometry is used in laboratories to analyze a particular substance in a sample by the absorption of light.


Deficits or surpluses

All processes in the body such as energy production, immunity (resistance), hormone metabolism and heavy metal detoxification depend on minerals, trace elements, vitamins, essential proteins and fatty acids. Deficiencies or surpluses of these increase the risk of disease or physical complaints. The OligoScan provides immediate insight and is an important asset for creating a vitality plan.


Measuring = knowing

OligoScan results provide important information about your overall health. Within minutes you will have information about deficiencies in your minerals such as zinc for immunity, selenium and Iodine for thyroid, among others. Or consider minerals important for bone building such as calcium magnesium and boron.

But heavy metals are also visible, too much mercury, mostly from the mouth in the form of fillings can be very disruptive to your body, many autoimmune disorders have too many heavy metals as a co-culprit.

The information can be used as a control measurement and provides insight into the underlying cause of physical complaints.

Once deficiencies are identified, they can be supplemented through diet and supplementation.


Having an oligoscan done costs 65.00

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