Special studies from Complimed:

please note that you always have an intake consultation first? In that consultation, we will determine which tests are useful for you. I am an applicant for the test. The tests themselves are billed from the labs I brand with.

Test results are always discussed in a consultation and never ! forwarded by mail without a proper explanation of how to interpret them.

66799286 - close up shot of a mans torso. he has a painting of intestines on his body.

Intestinal therapy for intestinal problems

Bowel tests :

Basic gut flora research/bacteriological/mycological/digestion calprotectin/M2PK/acidity/SigA/gists, fungi/digestion
culture with digestion and pH determination.

  • additional
    parasite determination
    secretory IgA (sIgA)
    inflammatory marker Calprorectin
    M2PK ( tumor marker)
    beta defensin
    helicobacter pylori
9898483 - bunch of wheat stalks isolated on black

Food hypersensitivity testing

    • Food Hypersensitivity Allergy Testing :
      intolerance test Imupro type lll
      Imupro basic 90 food allergens
      Imupro complete 270 IgG food allergens
    • DAO control histamine breakdown ( histamine intolerance)
    • IgE total various direct allergy panels
  • gluten: intolerance , direct allergy, celiac disease; gliadin sIgA / transglutaminase
    HLA DQ2/DQ8 (celiac disease genetic)
  • exorphins/endorphins profile ( opliode milk/gluten/ ea)
  • SIBO breath test ( research overgrowth small intestine)
  • Allergy panel food IgE
  • Allergy inhalation
  • histamine DAO/ from urine
89975459 - detail of tick on human fingertip. ixodes ricinus. dangerous parasite and carrier of infection such as encephalitis and borreliosis.

Lyme disease

Lyme :

PCR/LTT serospot and CD 57

NK cells (CD16/56+)


Hormone analysis :

  • adrenal gland ; cortisol day profile from saliva
  • thyroid ( T3, T4, TSH, RT3 RT4, Anti TPO, Thyrioglobulin)
  • neurotransmitters: neurospot ( nor-+adrenaline, serotonin, cortisol DHEA)
  • melatonin ( sleep hormone)
  • estrogen metabolites ( test to see if they are properly broken down by the liver)
  • female hormones ( progesterone, estrogen testosterone)
  • male hormones
  • pregnancy (HCG, progesterone, estradiol)
  • DHEA

Fatigue Study

Viral testing

ebstein barr ( IgM igG)

Bacterial jammers

Chamydia pneumonia

Autoimmune disorders


15913624 - three cans of aluminum on a white background

Neurotransmitter profile


exorphins/endorphins profile ( opliode milk/gluten/ ea)

68103686 - wide angle pregnant belly viewed from the top.

SIBO/Breath gas analysis

bacterial imbalance in small intestine SIBO test ( small intestinal bacterial overgrowth )

fructose intolerance

lactose intolerance

Tests are only requested per consultation and not in advance. Discussing the results will also be explained to you in a second consultation and you will receive advice on how to treat it. No test results are ever forwarded by email without discussing them first!


Amino acid profile
Fatty acid profile
Vitamin research ( possible deficiencies)

Amino acids status; l-acetyl-cysteine, l-arginine, l-carnitine, l-tyrosine, l-tryptophan etc.

Fatty acid profile:

Mutual ratios and needs of the body for fatty acids ( omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 etc)

25-OH vitamin
1.25 OH vitamin D (D3)
B12 via Methylmalonic acid
intrinsic factor antibodies ( against B12)
folic acid
comprehensive: Vit A, B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12, folic acid